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Tenant Placement
"Thank-you Sylvia. All the tenants you have placed for my suites have been great!" Steve
 Have peace of mind& less hassle knowing your tenants have been screened and qualified for character criteria and financial ability based on professional lending practices. Many investors use their Realtor to find a renter and often recognize that a realtor specializes in selling homes  vs. renting them. I work with you to determine your tenant preferences, lease terms, and rent amounts based on your  investment purpose and time frame and market comparables. If a tenant I find breaks their lease agreement in any way in the first 60 days, I will replace them at no extra cost to you!
Tenant Management
Save your time for family, friends, travelling, and further investing while earning rental revenue.
 I will:
  • Handle ALL tenant concerns 24/7 for you including evictions or NSF collections
  • Coordinate repairs and improvements
  • Deposit of monthly rent to YOUR account
This service differs from the competition!
 I manage your properties and your tenants,  NOT your simple accounting. Rent is collected upfront by postdated cheques (or direct deposit) payable to YOU for the 1st of every month  vs. waiting for clearance through a managing trust account. This convenience allows you to pay those mortgage payments when they are due!


Thanks very much for taking care of my property for the last 4 years. Your assistance was invaluable and I appreciated your efforts."
Cheers, Dave

Property Monitoring/Maintenance Services
For those property owners who take extended vacations or snowbirds who don't wish to offer their home for rent but need someone to monitor and maintain the exterior and interior of the property. Weekly visits include checking for signs of vandalism, furnace operation, plumbing leaks, etc. and maintaining snow removal, salting icy walks, lawn care, weeding, eavestrough drainage, clearing mailboxes...
Rent for top market $$dollar! Simple staging and top quality cleaning can save you money and hassle in the long run.
Starting with a squeaky clean property (from baseboards to ceiling fans, windows & under appliances) ensures it will rent quicker PLUS you earn a legal right to withhold the cost of the next move-out cleaning from a tenant’s deposit to ensure it is maintained that way.
First Impressions mean everything. Small cost effective cosmetic improvements can make a big difference in the value and feel of a property resulting in higher rents, easier maintenance and increased resale value.
Property Restoration
"Nice work Sylvia. I knew your work would be good" Ralph
        BEFORE...                                     ...AFTER
It's much easier to find quality tenants if you are offering a quality property. The right renovations will appreciate the resale value of your property and they are tax deductible.
Whether it’s flooring, paint, window coverings, bathrooms, cabinets, appliances, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, etc...I can help you choose the appropriate contractors, materials and colors while coordinating the satisfactory completion of any job in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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