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Book Release 2018!

Now available at Audrey's Books 

@ 10702 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, AB

Available for  sampling or sale in multiple e-book formats, readable on any e-book reading device 

Also available in paperback and hardcover formats on Amazon

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Book Excerpt

“I stare at the 2” pile of paper evidence I need to photocopy at least four times in preparation

of a pre-trial conference in my counter suit defense against the Real Estate Council of Alberta

(RECA). I wonder if it’s worth my time and money or if I’m just being set up to be knocked

back down by a Calgary Judge who is most likely in cahoots with the Real Estate Council of

Alberta. The fact that this hearing is being held in Calgary where RECA has their offices versus

in Edmonton or St. Albert, where I’ve done business for over 13 years, has me questioning

if this Calgary judge is golf buddies with the executive director or solicitor for RECA. RECA

should have had to file their claim in the Edmonton jurisdiction and it will cost me significantly

more to request a transfer from their city to my city but I have no choice now but to pick

myself up off the ground, dust myself off, and stand up and ROAR!

I am moved to stand up and shed some truthful light about the decline of ethics and integrity

in government and regulatory council in this so called fairest land of all. I will most likely

never get the whole story out in a pre-trial conference or in any court room and I feel that I

have to publish my story with this book to somehow provide the means to an end.

I have been a believer that everything happens for a reason and that we all must hold

ourselves accountable for our positions in life. I still stand strong though in that I NEVER did

anything wrong, illegal, immoral, or unethical in my business practice. I do understand and

appreciate the importance of rules to protect the public. I agree that there is a very fine line

between my landlord business activities and real estate property manager activities but that

line is there. That line is drawn between the Residential Tenancies Act and the Real Estate

Act. I deserve to have that line recognized. My clients deserve it as well.

Bullying has been a highly recognized and publicized concern regarding the nation’s youth

in our schools and playgrounds and seems to be escalating with the rapid advances in

technology. Our youth learn bullying behaviour from the adult examples they are subject to.

Adult bullying can be even more detrimental and life altering than childhood bullying, as you

will learn in my story, and it needs to be recognized and addressed. Maybe if we set better

examples in the adult world, we will be able to better influence our youth.”

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